Piracy, banditry: “The Gulf of Guinea remains the area of greatest concern to the maritime industry”

Original article in French, published on : 04/07/2021 – 13:29. Source: https://www.rfi.fr/fr/afrique/20210704-piraterie-brigandage-le-golfe-de-guin%C3%A9e-reste-la-zone-qui-inqui%C3%A8te-le-plus-l-industrie-maritime English version/translation: Of all the seas in the world, the Gulf of Guinea is the maritime area most exposed to piracy and banditry. It has become the most dangerous area in the world for the shipping industry. Interview with Gilles Chehab, the commander ofContinue reading “Piracy, banditry: “The Gulf of Guinea remains the area of greatest concern to the maritime industry””


8th of April 2021 The GAMBAS team is proud of the interest shown by SAR teams in various European countries, French Institutions and Greek Shipowners for the project. We continue actively in this direction in order to get as many inputs as possible so that the outputs of the project will be fully in lineContinue reading “USER NEEDS COLLECTION – PROGRESS”


10th of March 2021 After 2 months of active work on our communication means and our strategy, we will now enter a new phase, getting in contact with users (Institutions, SAR Operators and Shipowners). If you/your entity/your company is concerned by: emergency at sea, piracy acts, weather alerts, drugs & illegal substances traffic, illegal fishingContinue reading “USER NEEDS COLLECTION – NEXT PHASE”


14th of January 2021 The GAMBAS Consortium is very proud to announce the successful completion of the Kick Off Meeting with the European Global Navigation Satellite systems Agency (GSA). Despite the COVID19 difficulties, we will start dynamically by tomorrow with an internal workshop to address the User Needs Collection activities. We will come soon toContinue reading “KICK OFF MEETING DONE!”


1st of January 2021 Dear all, We are very pleased to officially announce the start of the GAMBAS Project on the first of January 2021. GAMBAS (Galileo Advanced features for Maritime domain: Breakthrough Applications for Safety and Security) is a European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework project. Its beneficiary is the European GlobalContinue reading “GAMBAS PROJECT – OFFICIAL START”