Galileo Advanced features for Maritime domain: Breakthrough Applications for Safety and Security

GAMBAS project has received funding from the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme under the Grant Agreement N°101004292.

The maritime domain is key for economic growth and development: it is historically the main vector for commercial exchanges. For centuries, the oceans domination has been the driver for developing Navigation means, from the Phoenicians using polar star to the longitude act and the present GNSS.

Modern GNSS technology, like Galileo, can bring more than mere navigation. Galileo can contribute to transform and improve Maritime activities thanks to its unique features bringing more safety and security over the seas.

Galileo Search and Rescue Official Videos
Galileo Search and Rescue Official Videos

The GAMBAS project will address the major aspects of the maritime domain safety and security:

Piracy acts

Illegal activities, including illegal fishing and drug dealing

Emergencies (Weather, and others)

The project intends to develop 3 products:

New generation anti-piracy distress SSAS beacon, including modern triggering and communication (including RLS) capabilities.

SW for maritime rescue operators, combining standard functionalities of a maritime RCC interface with the additional features provided by Galileo, for Return-Link services (remote activation, acknowledgement, 2-way messaging) and Emergency Warning service, covering both safety and security situations

Integrated software allowing the vessel cabin operators to get access to relevant information on the SAR situation for itself and for surrounding ships, and to get access to reliable information on GNSS thanks to Galileo multi-frequency and NMA features.

The project is structured in 4 phases:

Collection of the needs (Institutions, SAR operators, Shipowners) / analysis of Standards and their Evolution / analysis of Technological Trends,

Definition and Development of the system,

Demonstrations ( 2 in Europe and 1 outside Europe if possible)

Dissemination: GAMBAS will promote GALILEO and its new features as the best solution for Safety and Security in Maritime domain.

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